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Here’s where we post examples of inquiry-based STEM learning going on in schools and after-school programs across our network. Browse them all or find inspiration by grade or subject. Each story includes links to student and teacher resources.


Horseshoe Crab

STEM Unit: Explore and Discover: Horseshoe Crabs

This unit focuses on horseshoe crabs, Limulus polyphemus. Students will understand how unique our local Cape Cod horseshoe crabs (HSCs) are. The...

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STEM Unit: Biology Labs and Record Keeping

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines for record keeping have been adapted for use with high school laboratory notebooks. Proper laboratory...

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STEM Lesson Plan: What can we learn by tagging sharks?

In this lesson plan students will be learning about tracking devices work and how signal and data is transmitted, stored, and received. This lesson...

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STEM Lesson Plan: AIS Automatic Identification System

In this lesson plan students will communicate key ideas and details individually or collaboratively in a way that informs, persuades, and/or...

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STEM Lesson Plan: Over 100 Years of Wireless Communication

In this lesson plan students will describe how a network is made up of a variety of components and identify the common components (e.g., links,...

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STEM Lesson Plan: Encoding and Decoding Morse Code

In this lesson plan students will develop and compare multiple ways to transfer information through encoding, sending, receiving, and decoding a...

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STEM Unit: Rotifers in Biology

In this Unit biology students will see the relevance of rotifers throughout the study of biology. Connections will be made during major units...

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STEM Unit: Songs of the Sea

This unit provides standards-based lessons to accompany OPAK (Ocean Protection Advocacy Kids) programs run in classrooms. Designed to teach students...

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STEM Unit: A Marine Life Hotspot

This unit was designed and created as a response to the urgent need to provide young learners with an opportunity to harness and embrace the...

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STEM Unit: Fossils and Extinction

This unit begins by focusing on fossils. The students explore how fossils give us information about what the world was like millions of years ago....

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STEM Unit: Organisms, their Characteristics, and Life Cycles

This unit is designed to introduce students to the characteristics and life cycles of different types of organisms. Students will create graphic...

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Students Empowering Students in STEM at 4Cs

By Jade Francis For students who are struggling with a math course, or for those who may need to brush up on their math skills, there is now a...

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