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Here’s where we post examples of inquiry-based STEM learning going on in schools and after-school programs across our network. Browse them all or find inspiration by grade or subject. Each story includes links to student and teacher resources.


Earth System Photo

Earth’s Systems and Engineering

This Grade 3 Science unit was developed this summer as part of the Summer Science Institute hosted by the Cape Cod Regional STEM Network and Cape Cod...

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Ready, set, action! Video production

This summer, Ryan Doughty, who teaches Grade 5 Math and Science at Bourne Middle School developed what promises to be a very popular unit for...

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Stem Students

The Cape Cod Catboat Crew Challenge: An Interactive Maritime Science Adventure

This “challenge” is a set of middle school lessons created by Stacey Klimkosky, who participated in the 2016 Cape Cod Regional STEM Network...

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Stem Video Thumb

What STEM looks like in schools on the Cape and Islands

We know that STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. But it means more than that to us. It’s about learning that draws on...

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Img 0546

A Sprint to Address Human Impact on Global Temperature

This Grade 8 science unit is one of a series we’ll be sharing on our website this summer—all developed teachers across the Cape and Islands....

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Stem  Starter  Academy  Group  Photo

The STEM Starter Academy: Get in on the learning

The STEM Starter Academy helps students find their way onto STEM Pathways—that is, STEM learning that leads to university programs and careers in...

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Sb Very Good 90

Systems in a Sandbox

Would you believe there is a sandbox on Cape Cod that is provoking unbounded enthusiasm and non-stop inquiry—from middle and high school students?...

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Teacher  Annie  Haven

Engineering Materials Shaped by Teachers as Learners

Why does a vibrating string create sound?  How do wave pulses become the zeros and ones in digitized signals? If you’re a teacher, you know it’s hard...

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Girls  Playing With  Roominate  Horizontal

Engineering Inspired by Play

When Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen, the engineers who invented Roominate—a toy that engages girls in STEM learning—talk about what put them on their...

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Art/Tech is on!

The computer lab is buzzing at Cape Cod Community College right now. It’s alive with the energy, hard work, and laughter of students who are taking...

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4 Cstemlogo Fixed

STEM is Building at CCCC

The STEM community at Cape Cod Community College is building. Really building! If you were at the STEM Journey event this spring, you probably saw...

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3 Students Making At  Bourne

Bourne's Innovation Studio

“What are we going to do if this chair doesn’t work for Goldilocks?” Amy Fish asks the kindergarteners. They are busy building a chair to hold the...

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