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STEM UNIT: Engineering Sea Sensors


This unit was created by Chris Connors, Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School for a high school engineering or computer science class through his 2023 Teacher-in-Residence at Autonomous Vehicles and Sensor Technology Lab at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

This project centers on the development of underwater vehicle sensors, guided by essential questions exploring the purpose of these sensors, the considerations in their design for underwater conditions, and the interdisciplinary principles of physics, biology, and technology. This project is relevant to the research happening at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, a few miles away from the high school.

Through hands-on application and collaboration, students will gain enduring understandings of the iterative engineering design process, the impact of their creations, and the crucial role of technology in addressing real-world challenges, fostering both technical skills and an appreciation for effective communication and collaboration. At the project's conclusion, students will share a sensor that can be used to collect information about the ocean when attached to an autonomous vehicle with local scientists for feedback.