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STEM UNIT: Cape Cod and Cyanobacteria

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This unit was created by Kelly Houston (Sturgis High School) for a 9th grade science class through their 2023 Teacher-in-Residence at Dr. Paul Blair's lab in Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole. This series of lessons are designed to be the anchor for an Ecology unit for students at the end of the year. Lessons pull on topics of genetics, photosynthesis, cellular respiration.

The anchoring component of these lessons are about cyanobacteria and its potentially negative effects in the local freshwater sources on Cape Cod. Students will participate in a introductory gallery walk about cyanobacteria, create a community map of local freshwater sources in their area, research the benefits and harmful effects of cyanobacteria and conclude the lessons with a debate, a lab to test theories of how to keep cyanobacteria at bay or create a campaign that could be presented to local organizations/government.