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Here’s where we post examples of inquiry-based STEM learning going on in schools and after-school programs across our network. Browse them all or find inspiration by grade or subject. Each story includes links to student and teacher resources.



STEM Unit: Ecosystems: Interactions and Dynamics

Using high school Biology standards for ecology (HS-LS2), students will encounter the ecosystems of Cape Cod and evaluate the interactions and...

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Stem Atlantic Shark Unit

STEM Unit: Sharks by The Numbers

This unit engages students in a study of the Great White Shark. Students will use multiple sources of information to understand White Sharks using...

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Stem Motion Sability

STEM Unit: Motion Stability – Forces And Interactions

This unit is designed to introduce students to forces of friction, magnets, science, and engineering. Students will be able to conduct investigations...

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Stem Sharks

STEM Unit: Life Science - Sharks

This unit engages students in a study of the Great White Shark’s return to Cape Cod. Students will use multiple sources of information to understand...

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1024Px Whydah Model

STEM Unit: The Whydah, From Wreck To Museum

This unit connects the history of Cape Cod’s maritime past, the wreck of the Whydah and the real-world application of chemistry to recover and...

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Robots Go Local as STEM Network Hosts Regional Robotics Competition

By Mary PetietThis fall, Cape and Islands students will have the opportunity to compete in the first-ever regional VEX Robotics Competitions, thanks...

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28 Butterfly

PreK-12 STEM Educator Mini-Grant Opportunity

Integrate Tools for Active Learning into the STEM Classroom The Cape Cod Regional STEM Network is offering mini-grants of $250 for educators...

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Earth System Photo

Earth’s Systems and Engineering

This Grade 3 Science unit was developed this summer as part of the Summer Science Institute hosted by the Cape Cod Regional STEM Network and Cape Cod...

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Media Center

Ready, set, action! Video production

This summer, Ryan Doughty, who teaches Grade 5 Math and Science at Bourne Middle School developed what promises to be a very popular unit for...

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Stem Students

The Cape Cod Catboat Crew Challenge: An Interactive Maritime Science Adventure

This “challenge” is a set of middle school lessons created by Stacey Klimkosky, who participated in the 2016 Cape Cod Regional STEM Network...

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Stem Video Thumb

What STEM looks like in schools on the Cape and Islands

We know that STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. But it means more than that to us. It’s about learning that draws on...

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Img 0546

A Sprint to Address Human Impact on Global Temperature

This Grade 8 science unit is one of a series we’ll be sharing on our website this summer—all developed teachers across the Cape and Islands....

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