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STEM UNIT: Wastewater Testing and Treatment

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This unit was created by Adam Cutler of Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School for a high school chemistry/environmental science class through his 2023 Teacher-in-Residence at the Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center (MASSTC) in Sandwich, MA.

This unit on wastewater testing and treatment has been crafted for high school chemistry teachers seeking to engage their students in an exploration of the vital interplay between chemistry, environmental science, and public health. Geared towards high school students, this unit delves into the subject of wastewater management, imparting essential knowledge about the sources of wastewater, the intricacies of water quality assessment, and the chemical processes employed to treat wastewater effectively. Fostering an understanding of this pressing issue, the unit empowers both educators and students to recognize the significance of sustainable wastewater management in preserving our environment and safeguarding public health.

The goals of this unit are twofold: to equip students with an understanding of the chemistry underlying wastewater treatment and to foster an awareness of the need for sustainable approaches in managing wastewater. As students progress through the lessons, they will develop the ability to analyze water quality data, design effective treatment systems, and comprehend the societal and environmental implications of their decisions. Beyond the classroom, this unit empowers students to make informed decisions about conserving water resources, protecting aquatic ecosystems, and contributing to the well-being of their communities. In a world where water scarcity and pollution have far-reaching consequences, this unit stands as a pivotal tool in shaping environmentally conscious citizens who can champion the responsible management of this invaluable resource.