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Projects & Materials

Here’s where we post examples of inquiry-based STEM learning going on in schools and after-school programs across our network. Browse them all or find inspiration by grade or subject. Each story includes links to student and teacher resources.


School Rocket Kids

Design Squad Rocket Launch Day

“Mr. Cutler, are we launching today?”   The eighth- and ninth-grade students in Adam Cutler’s “Design Squad” class had been working for weeks toward...

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School Duplo

Machines in Our World

The children finished building their seesaw in ten minutes flat, and right away they began experimenting with force and balance.  We watched as one...

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School Hydroponic

A Hydroponics Experiment

Two eighth-grade students leaned in to compare the new growth on their plants. “This one is at least three inches taller,” one observed.  “Yeah, but...

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