STEM in the Community

Here’s where we’re documenting examples of STEM learning going on in our community. From workplace programs to museum happenings to at-home projects, these are stories about STEM in the real world. Links to resources are included with each story.

Mass Stem Week

2018 STEM Week

STEM Week comes to Cape Cod this October as the Regional STEM Network joins the wider statewide initiative encouraging participation in STEM...

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28 Butterfly

PreK-12 STEM Educator Mini-Grant Opportunity

The Cape Cod Regional STEM Network is offering mini-grants of $250 for educators teaching STEM in grades PreK-12 on the Cape & Islands....

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Field Trip To Edgartown Great Pond Foundation

WHOI Summer Internship Combines Sun, Sea, and Science

The seaside community of Woods Hole in Falmouth offers iconic Cape Cod summers with a scientific bend. From sunny beaches to the mysterious deep blue...

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A Local Stem Company Charts A Global Course

A Local STEM Company Charts a Global Course

With the Atlantic Ocean surrounding us, and the world-renowned Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on our shores, you’ve probably always known...

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How To Get To Know A Shark

How to Get to Know a Shark

The ocean that surrounds us here on the Cape and Islands gives those of us who love STEM some special opportunities for learning. Here's an exciting...

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Ice Cream Handout 2

Making Ice Cream is Doing Science, Too!

There is a science to making ice cream. Really. In order to make ice cream, you need to change the state of cream (and any other ingredients), making...

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Energy Radiates from the Girls STEM Summit

The Girls STEM Summit Statewide is a gathering for high school girls who are interested in pursuing STEM degrees and exploring STEM career choices. A...

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Dsc 3349

Challenging, Muddy Semester of STEM

We first met Meriby Sweet at our Cape Cod Regional STEM Network Event in September, 2016. That’s where she told us about Coastal Studies for Girls, a...

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Kite Flying

The Science of Kite Flying

Flying a kite on a wide empty beach in late fall is a quintessential Cape Cod joy. Turns out it’s a great STEM activity, too. That’s why we are...

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Marconi  Center  Chatham  Shock  Photo

In Chatham: STEM Inspired by Marconi

In 1903, Guglielmo Marconi, a scientist and inventor studying and testing wireless signals astounded the world by completing two-way communications...

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Sencorp White  Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing on Cape Cod

“It’s hard to believe you’re on Cape Cod, isn’t it?” says Mike Esposito, as he looks out over the expansive manufacturing floor at SencorpWhite....

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Tangram  Kitty

Exploring STEM at Home

We’ve been hearing from parents who want to know what they can do to bring STEM into their children’s lives outside of school. That’s why the...

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