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STEM Unit: Songs of the Sea

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This unit provides standards-based lessons to accompany OPAK (Ocean Protection Advocacy Kids) programs run in classrooms. Designed to teach students about whale’s native to our coastal waters, at different grade levels it provides content focusing on the life cycle, habits and habitats of baleen and toothed whales. Students in grade 3 will work to answer questions including “What do whales need to live and grow?”, “How does weather affect whale migration?” And “What differences and similarities are found between different whale species?”. In grade 4 they will be introduced to sound waves and their role in the processes of whale echolocation and communication. Grade 5 will look closely at human impact on our marine environment, learning how micro-plastics can ultimately affect the diet of the whale and other marine life. At each grade level, a main component of this unit is a whale-watching field trip during which students will apply what they've learned through skill building lessons presented by OPAK naturalists in the classroom. Throughout the unit students at all grade levels will be asked to identify problems and design solutions related to the protection of whale habitats, drawing on what they’ve learned and experienced to compose a “song for the sea” reflecting their understanding of what they have learned and experienced.