STEM Week is Oct. 16-20 – See activities and add your own!

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Art/Tech is on!


The computer lab is buzzing at Cape Cod Community College right now. It’s alive with the energy, hard work, and laughter of students who are taking part in Summer of Science: two week-long hands-on programs designed to engage middle school students in concepts related to STEM.

This week’s session, called Art/Tech, runs from August 3 through 7. The focus is on using cutting-edge design-related software including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, in all sorts of activities. Students are, for instance, creating zombie and vampire versions of themselves, designing greeting cards, and learning about what makes a good logo. 

Next week, August 10–14, students will be exploring the Maker Movement. Which means they’ll be discovering electricity and magnetism, computer science, and robotics with a team of highly trained and experienced teachers. They’ll take on real world problem-solving scenarios and work in teams on design challenges. And use their imaginations in the process.

Our STEM network helped support these Summer of Science programs, and we’re so glad we did. We are thrilled with what we are seeing and hearing each time we visit the lab. We think you’ll enjoy seeing the students’ creativity, attention to design, and skills with these advanced programs, too. See the students’ work here.

Summer of Science is packed with opportunities to learn, explore, and make new friends with similar interests in science and technology. It’s a place for gaining new skills, delving into good group work, finding out how much fun STEM can be… and enjoying summer!