STEM in the Community

STEM In The Community

STEM Leaders from Across the U.S. Offer Recommendations for the Biden-Harris Administration on Education and Career Pathways

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Fostering Collaboration Tops the List of Targeted Steps

Fostering collaboration is the top recommendation offered by the STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice for how the Biden-Harris administration can improve STEM learning and connections to careers in communities across the country.

The Cape Cod Regional STEM Network Ecosystem participated with the larger STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice to develop five major recommendations for how the Biden-Harris administration, as well as individual states, can improve STEM learning for all.

The recommendations, contained in a recently released report, “Restoring America’s Position As A World Leader By Reinvesting in STEM,” are based on a series of Town Hall sessions, surveys and focused interviews with STEM leaders from nearly every state in the country. The ideas of more than 1,000 STEM leaders, families, teachers, after-school educators as well as those from non-profits and philanthropy contributed thoughts.


Foster collaboration to engage, leverage and link all relevant community resources – adoption of the STEM Learning Ecosystems model.

  • Introduce a collaboratively-designed performance-based system to ensure quality and alignment with strong post-secondary and/or STEM careers.
  • Support a diverse, well-prepared, and high quality teaching workforce, and ensure their involvement and leadership with students, administrators and higher education faculty.
  • Encourage long-term student participation in STEM by increasing its visibility, relevance, connections to the real-world and community and global challenges.
  • Build a strong early learning system.

We welcome your comments and input, and participation in upcoming meetings to take action steps based on these recommendations. Contact Bridget Burger, Director, Cape Cod Regional STEM Network at