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Striped Bass Magic Internship

Marine Biological Laboratory

Paid internship in the Striped Bass Magic Program at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) offered through our Blue Economy Internship Program (BEIP)

The Striped Bass Program is seeking interns to contribute to and conduct a variety of small-scale research projects related to the biology and ecology of the seasonally migratory striped bass in Eel Pond, Woods Hole, MA. Striped bass arrive in late spring and small populations return to Eel Pond each year resulting in a unique opportunity to study large and small timescale behaviors. The selected applicants will work with resident program managers in behavioral observations, water quality monitoring, movement tracking, data analysis, and other projects. Selected applicants will also be encouraged to identify their own projects related to the larger focus of striped bass ecosystem. For examples of projects conducted by past interns please visit:

Skills/Interests Required: Interest in marine ecosystem dynamics and fish biology and behavior.

6-10 hours per week beginning late spring through the summer, 2022