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Senior Research Assistant

Marine Biological Laboratory

A full-time position for a Senior Research Assistant is available in the Rosenthal laboratory of the Bell Center. This position is supported in full by a sponsored research agreement between the Marine Biological Laboratory and Korro Bio, a biotech start-up in Cambridge, MA that specializes in therapeutics development based on RNA editing by adenosine deamination to inosine (A>I). RNA editing enzymes, both naturally occurring and engineered, can be directed to new substrates by antisense RNA oligonucleotides (guide RNAs). The specific design of these guide RNAs is critical in order to promote efficient editing; however, the rules that govern proper guide RNA architecture remain undefined. Under the sponsored research agreement, work will focus on developing in vitro selection assays to identify guide RNAs that promote efficient editing and can bind RNA editing enzymes with high affinity. These selection assays will combine standard molecular biology, biochemistry, next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics analysis of sequencing data. We are searching for a candidate with strong skills in these areas.

The Senior Research Assistant will be expected to set-up experiments for all aspects of in vitro selection of guide RNAs that promote RNA editing. This will include the molecular biology associated with cloning the components of the assay and generating both RNA and DNA products. The biochemistry associated with purifying RNA editing enzymes from yeast or mammalian cells and then using them to edit engineered RNA substrates in vitro. Finally, products from assays will be subjected to next-generation sequencing and analyzed within the lab. The successful candidate should have a strong background in molecular biology and biochemistry and be able to work independently. In addition, monthly progress reports in the form of Microsoft Powerpoint presentations will be required. Attendance at meetings with Korro Bio will be required several times a year in Cambridge, MA.

Conditions: This position is for two years with the possibility for extension.

Basic Qualifications: This position requires a minimum of a Master of Science degree in biological sciences or a closely related field. At least 4 years’ experience in a similar position performing molecular biology, biochemistry or physiology is required. A thorough knowledge of molecular biology and biochemistry is required.

Preferred Qualifications: Bioinformatics skills related to RNAseq are desirable.

Physical Requirements: Minimal exposure to biohazardous chemicals. Occasional lifting of heavy objects (<30 pounds).

Required documents:

  • Cover letter explaining specifically why you are interested in joining our lab to work on this project and what positive qualities you would bring to our team.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • List of 3 references (Please do not have letters sent at this time. Letter writers will be contacted directly by the PI).