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Field Crew Leader

Great Pond Foundation

Great Pond Foundation (GPF) seeks a Field Crew Leader to assist the Scientific Program Director in overseeing the Ecological Monitoring Program and other initiatives related to managing healthy coastal ecosystems. GPF is committed to scientific data collection, including the assessment of water quality and biodiversity in Edgartown Great Pond, Chilmark Pond and other coastal ponds on Martha’s Vineyard island. Additionally, the Field Crew Leader will assist with weekly sample collection and processing for the MV CYANO cyanobacteria monitoring program. The Field Crew Leader will spend 65% of their time conducting field work with the summer interns, with the remaining time spent focusing on MV CYANO and lab work, all while working directly with GPF staff to successfully execute these projects. The Field Crew Leader will also support summer outreach activities hosted by GPF for stakeholders of all ages.

Description of Duties

• Coordinate with GPF scientists and staff to ensure programs run efficiently

• Collect water quality samples in coastal ponds

• Collect biodiversity survey data, including beach seine hauls and plankton tows

• Supervise and coordinate summer interns

• Assist with development and implementation of weekly sampling schedule for field team

• Prepare and process samples for further laboratory analyses

• Coordinate with local stakeholders for citizen science sample collection and lab drop-off

• Data entry and management

• Maintain equipment and keep inventory of supplies

• Assist with community outreach events

• Promote safe lab and work environment

• Work collaboratively with all GPF staff

The candidate should have at least completed a BA or BS degree in Biology, Environmental Science, or a related field to be considered for this position. Applicants must show that they are able to perform responsibly and safely in a field and laboratory setting. Ability to collect and record scientific data accurately is required. This is an entry level position that will be guided by the GPF Scientific Program Director with some supervision and regular reporting. Tasks and methods are well defined, but there may be some degree of troubleshooting and adaptation. Previous experience leading and supervising others is a preferred. Candidates must be capable of conducting repetitive tasks and spending long hours in the sun or extreme weather conditions, with field days starting just after sunrise. A typical week will be 35-40 hours each week. Compensation is $18/hour. Preferred start-end dates are mid-May to mid-October, but dates are flexible and an extension may be possible. Housing will be provided.

To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, and three references with contact information as a single pdf to by 5pm on Wednesday, February 22.

For a complete job description please visit: https://greatpondfoundation.or...