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Barnstable County AmeriCorps Cape Cod

AmeriCorps Cape Cod is a 24-memberfull-time residential service program dedicated to addressing the critical environmental and disaster preparedness and response needs on Cape Cod. Being an AmeriCorps Cape Cod member offers you the opportunity to live in a coastal setting, foster personal development, build leadership skills, explore various sectors of the environmental and disaster preparedness field, gain valuable skills through training and hands-on service experience, build a viable communal living environment, and most importantly, provide valuable and quality environmental and disaster service for the environment and community of Cape Cod. As a member, you are expected to serve and live by the service, community strengthening, and residential standards and follow all Program Guidelines and Operating Procedures outlined in the Member Handbook and Contract.

Service: As an AmeriCorps Cape Cod member, you are expected to provide quality community service in the areas of natural resource management, disaster preparedness and response, environmental education, and volunteer engagement to Barnstable County departments and towns, state and federal departments and non-profit entities on Cape Cod. You will serve on a variety of service projects both as a team member and as an individual.

Community Strengthening: You are expected to build and strengthen the Cape Cod community and your residential community by demonstrating leadership, initiative, motivation, and teamwork and serve as a role model for others.

Residential: As a member, you are required to live in the assigned program-provided residence. AmeriCorps Cape Cod provides housing exclusively to members enrolled in the program. Pets are prohibited in the residence. Alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited both in the residence and on the residential property. Smoking is prohibited within the residence. All AmeriCorps members must adhere to all AmeriCorps, Barnstable County, and AmeriCorps rules and regulations including following all standards set by AmeriCorps regarding prohibited member activities.